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Ben 10 Porn Story: Letting It Out Chapter 4

Ben 10 Porn Story: Letting It Out Chapter 4

Everyone. I decided on making long chapters from now own. It seems
like you all like long chapters more than short. Well, anyways.


had been a while
since Ben and Gwen discovered their true feelings for each other. At
least a week. They tried hard not to release their feelings to each
other while out in public, for they feared that Grandpa would catch
them, and they did not know how he would react. Also, the true
feelings they did have for each other overwhelmed them both.

was now just worrying about how he could tell Gwen how he truly
feels. He wanted to tell Gwen that he would always be by her side, no
matter what, just to be with her. He wanted to tell her that she made
him feel whole. Like a person given life again, he didnt want to
waste a second of it without her. If every time he spoke, she was
breathless, he would want to take her breath away. He wanted Gwen to
know that loving her makes everything in the world seem like nothing,
because all that mattered to Ben was her.

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