Ben and Gwen get reacquainted – chapter 7

Chapter 7

That’s a lot of info to take in. It would help if you started at the beginning. Gwen had all these thoughts flowing through her mind as she pulled her pants up. First chance I get I’ll need to empty my cunt of all the cum in it and shower and put some cloths on that aren’t cover in everyone’s cum. She sat down and opened the blinds over the window and spotted Ben fucking Cindy and went into a heavy sulk.
Max realised what was happening and said to Gwen “Ben’s your cousin you can’t have him for yourself. The law just won’t allow it in this state.”
I’ll just have to move then Grandpa. I love Ben to much. I don’t want to shier him with any one.
You just fucked me Gwen. You can let Ben fuck Cindy I just did. If you want to fuck anyone else then Ben you have to let him fuck who he wants. That way you get a first pick for a little girl on girl action as well.
At that Gwen just smiled a cheeky smile. Grandpa do we have to talk about everything right now.
Well we have all summer to cover the whole thing.
With that Gwen turned to see what Ben was up to. It looked like a vibrator or was that just the dirty glass of the window.
Ben have taken a seat at Cindy’s head was looking her tit. They were so firm and he could not believe how small her nipples and how far they stood out. His Mom’s nipples were so much larger then hers. Just then Cindy open her eye’s blinking and bringing ben in to focus. What never seen a tit before she asked Ben. Ben startled by her voice settled and replied “yea but not like yours. Your rs are really hot. I’d really like to fuck them.”
How old are you Ben.
I’ll be 10 in a couple of weeks.
Bit young to be fucking tits aren’t you?
Hell no, I just love to fuck tits. I fuck my Mom’s all the time. She still has milk so I get to help her empty her tit’s of the milk first and them massage her tits with my dick. With that Ben knelt on the bench seat so Cindy could have a look at his dick sticking out of his pants.
Cindy couldn’t believe what she was seeing. A very large nob sticking out of a small boys pants. You know how to use that thing? Ben just smiles and undid his pants and let his cock fall on the table top. Cindy’s eyes shined with lust once again. So his’s a kid with a dick size he can fuck me any time. So Cindy with steady hand picked up Ben’s cock very gently and moved her head to the head of the cock. Licking the eye of Ben’s cock gently she was surprised how quickly the swollen head came to life and just kept getting larger. By the time she had it in her mouth it was getting hard and filling it to stretching point. She loved its size.
Ben started to play with Cindy’s tits. They were so firm and ever so soft. They smelt of roses and sweat. He started to roll his tong around the nipple then getting his mouth around as much tit as he could suck in. Cindy twitched and squirmed at the attention Ben was showing her tits.
Cindy rolled on her back pulling her tit from Ben’s mouth but hanging onto his cock. She started to pull on his cock and said “ For such a kid you know to much about tit sucking. Lets see how well you massage with your cock. While you do that you might just use that tong on my clit”
Ben’s eye just lit up as he saw her tits pointing to the sky so firm and squishy with a deep cleavage and the idea of sucking her clit just got him going again. Wow and he had just fucked the shit out of Gwen. He had never recovered so fast before but he never had had an offer from a strange woman before. He climbed on the table letting his pants fall around his ankles as he knelt with a knee each side of Cindy’s head. He got his cock right between Cindy’s tit and started to hump those lushes mounds. His cock’s length early reached through her cleavage. He forgot himself and was banging his balls against Cindy’s chin she had to grab his ball sack and cock. Woh there horsy you can’t reach my pussy like this. Get rid of those pant first and we will find a way.
So Ben got rid of his pants throwing them to the ground. Giving Cindy time to plane what to do. She grabbed Ben firmly and guided him so he was spread eagle on her tummy and she had pulled his dick back so his cock was looking at her and between her tits. Holding his legs down with her arms it gave Ben access for his mouth was right on top of her cunt. When Ben suddenly had this cunt in his face his mouth started to water and he just locked his lips around a very hard clit. Sucking it heavily he could see Cindy was still gaped from grandpa fucking her earlier. It smelled of cum and piss which just turned him on even more. Cindy was using her upper arms to roll her tits around Ben’s cock. She started to suck his cock head which made Ben squirm which brought her a little orgasm. Cindy loved being a slut she could cum with such little effort. She was going to see if she could get to a screaming orgasm tonight with this young boy and his huge cock.
Ben was sucking and playing with Cindy’s cunt lips. He saw that the gap in her cunt was about the same size as the his hand. Locked on her clit he shoved his hand up her cunt. It was all wet and slippery and warm on his hand so he just kept forcing in more of his arm until his wrist was all the way in. At which time Cindy gave a bit of a clamping pressure on Ben’s hand and wrist. Unfair she’s come already and started to pull his hand from her cunt.
Cindy quickly reached down and pushed his hand farther into her cunt. Don’t stop I can cum many time before you’r done. I need more put as much as you can in, get it as far up my cunt as you can. I’ll love you forever but for now just keep fucking me.
Ben was a bit surprised at what he heard but as Cindy sucked his cock back into her mouth he complied. She had pushed his cock three quarters of the way up her cunt so he just withdrew his arm a bit and pushed in more. He kept up a few more pumps and he had his forearm up her cunt. So he could no longer still suck her clit with his arm getting in the way so he just started to pull his arm out to the hand. Now he made a fist and thrust his arm back in this time he banged her clit with his biceps. He now got harder and faster with each in to her cunt. She now forgot to suck and she was squeezing his cock between her tits, he really didn’t care how but the feeling was like nothing he had felt before. With a final stroke Cindy had a rocketing orgasm. The grip of her cervix on his wrist felt like it was going to brake. Wow my had is in her womb as he was clamped he had a real around and he could real a lot of cum coating her womb when he felt a small hole on the top of the womb and feeling further he felt another little hole. They must be the tube to her ovaries but why are they full of cum. At least I can ask Gwen later about all this. He’s thoughts were cut short when Cindy had another spasm and the pain brought him back to what needed his horny attention.
Pulling his arm and hand from Cindy’s cunt dripping with cum. Ben flicked most of the cum from his arm. Stand up he could see his pre-cum on Cindy’s lips and chin. She was grabbing at Ben’s cock and all she could say was “Fuck me” time and time again. So Ben complied. He stepped between her legs and knelt down grabbing his cock he aimed it at her cunt entrance. His dick head just slid into her and as he did she convulsed again. Ben just had no idea any woman could cum so much. As he shoved more of his cock deeper and deeper into her cunt he watched as she squeezed her tit’s with her upper arms. Every time he jammed his cock in father and harder she responded by squeezing her tits harder. He had almost got all his cock into her cunt now and he could feel the cervix grip his cock head ever time he withdrew from her womb. He just loved that feeling so much. He just thrust harder stretching her womb now not just her cunt. There was that much juice flowing from her cunt Ben could just marvel at the amount. While he was wondering about this hot woman at the peak of her life she clamped down really hard and let out a low growl of a scream which made Ben try to pull out as he was a littler startled.
Cindy could not believe she had reached her goal in the orgasm she wanted. She couldn’t scream a high pitch scream anymore. She had deep throated to many dicks and it made her voice box as loose as her cunt box but it made for pure pleasure for her. She knew Ben had yet to get off. She just could not let this sexiest of small boys with a giant cock down. She just wanted to return the favor. She pulled Ben’s cock from her cunt. Ben looked like he was going to cry his balls must have been really been feeling the pressure. She let go of his dick and turned onto her knees and reaching between her legs she jammed Ben’s cock into her asshole. Ben had such a grin on his face now when Cindy said “Now it’s your to to lug my ass.
Ben could feel the extra heat coming from her asshole. With all the cum and juices from Cindy’s cunt overflowing and running over her asshole it made it ready lubed and he just shoved it to his hairless balls in one hard thrust. He rolled his dick around in her asshole and he could feel his cock head pushing on a turd deep in Cindy’s bowels. With that he just started to hump as fast as he could get his cock out to his dick head. He started to shorten the length of his stroke till he was going like a jackhammer. One final heavy thrust and he blew his bolt and his mind when Cindy had a ass orgasm and crunched down on his dick as he was coming. With that his dick started to relax a bit and as it did Cindy farted. As Ben had been pushing the shit in Cindy’s bowels it was a wet fart and it pushed his dick from her asshole followed by a really big turd. Cool Ben uttered as he looked down on her ass with her gaping asshole and cunt.
Ew said Gwen. Ben and Cindy hadn’t notice that Max and Gwen had been watching the show.
How long have you been watching Ben asked?
We got her just before you stuck that slug into Cindy asshole said Grandpa. It’s been quite a show.
Cindy climbed down to ground level and rearranged her cloths. When he slipped the dress top up her boobs bounced really nicely Max noted. I see you don’t need to have a dump now he smiled.
Ben got down as well and recovered his pants and slid into them again leaving his half pumped cock out the top of his pants.
Ben, Gwen how about you two go for a little walk while I have a little talk with Cindy. Ben grab that steamer and do what the Bears do in the woods and drop that terd a little ways from the camp. Ben didn’t even think about picking up the turd and wondered off. Gwen watched as Ben walked off and went in a different direction as she was mad at him for fucking Cindy.
Max just looked at Cindy and said “Great pair of grand kids”

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