Ben Ten Pornography Story: No More Heroes Chapter Six

Ben Ten Pornography Story: No More Heroes Chapter Six

You may wondering why the character Rufus is mentioned again and again, but never made an appearance. Well, here he is now.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Ben 10

Chapter 6

Richardson Tennyson

He was walking at a place where everything was pure white. He couldnt distinguish the background, the floor he was threading at, or the sky. Every step he was taking held a risk of falling down because he couldnt see any hidden holes or dent on the floor.

How did I get here? The last thing I remembered was the fight with Lilia and then.ARGH! I cant remember! He thought as he looked at the endless stretch of white.

Hey nice to see you here, king a sinister voice said from behind his back. Richard turned around and found himself sitting cross-legged not so far away from him.

But the Richard who sat cross-legged was different from him. Instead of having dark green eyes, he had a pair of golden blazing eyes. Richard also saw thousands of shadows that took form in different shape and size originating from himself and the golden-eyed Richard.

Who are you?

Isnt that obvious, king? Im the world, the universe, the knowledge, the strength, and most importantly, Im you.

What are you talking about?!

The other Richard didnt budge from his place, but his voice turned grim and menacing. Let me tell you something, you held the ultimate power, you ignorant fool! Im merely a personality without a body thats here to make sure you make a good use of it, the golden-eyed Richard shouted, his eyes blazing with anger. Did I have to show you? Did I have to show you the ultimate knowledge, power, and the key to All Form?

The golden-eyed Richard raised his hand. At the same time, a vast rectangular shadow fell over them. The green-eyed Richard turned his back slowly, wondering what the source of the rectangular shadow was.

It was a grey gate with a mark that resembled the Omnitrix insignia carved on it. The gate was in a way, majestic and charismatic, but at the same time, terrifying. The two doors of the gate slowly opened, releasing a malevolent and frightening presence of something contained within them it.

Do you think the Omnitrix just pop up out of nowhere in Azmuth mind? Richard other self asked, still in his stubborn sitting position. Azmuth saw whats inside this gate and saw the truth of every universe, ours and its parallels. He created the Omnitrix to let the universe understand each other without looking at what lies behind this gate.

The real Richard felt himself nailed at the spot. He tried to move as thousand of elongated arms, made from a jet-black substance that resembled shadows dragged him into the gate, but he couldnt even blink, let alone run. The grip was so tight he could barely breathe and at the source of the arm, there was a single blood red eye. Even its gaze caused pain to every fibre of his body.

Theres no use, Richardson. You just have to resign to your fate and see what lies in there, the golden-eyed Richard said as he looked at his counterpart being dragged to the gate, screaming and reaching for him. Youll gain the ultimate power, but in exchange, itll take something from your heart.

The golden-eyed Richard grinned sadistically as the gate started to close. The last thing that the real Richard heard was, Its a Fair Trade, no?

With that, the Omnitrix heir was swallowed by the gate and the horrifying and painful process of gaining the ultimate power began.


Lilia Ariel

Six month after that fight, Richard was still in a comatose state. Lilia always came to visit him every day, waiting for her childhood friend to wake. She even made new clothes to accommodate his new power. The clothes allow his power to manifest outside the clothing without burning or ripping it into pieces. It could also accommodate transformation, either by shrinking or enlarging itself when needed.

Richard, physically, is one hundred percent healed from any wound, Lilia said to Victor one day after consulting the doctor that tended Richard. But his brain activity is strange. The brain activities are constantly spiking beyond normal, its like he is seeing, hearing, think, and hurt at the same time in his comatose state.

Is that normal? the Frankenstein-teenager asked, although he seemed to know the answer.

Lilia shook her head. No, a comatose person isnt supposed to have this kind of brain activity, she replied sadly. The doctor says if he didnt wake up in two weeks time, he will.

Lilia couldnt bring herself to say the word. Victor however, knew the word already and finished the sentence for her.

Dead, right?

Lilia collapsed into the nearest chair and cried. Victor wanted to comfort her, but his iron glove would cause more pain and comfort.

Victor took his leave after three hours of staring at his best friend lifeless body while Lilia decided to stay longer. When he was about to open the door, the door just fell from its frame and squashed Victor underneath it. The door was kicked down by a red-haired teenaged boy with a long ponytail and black suit, which he left unbuttoned, over his white shirt.

What did ya do to him, dammit! the new teenager pointed an accusing finger at Lilia. Professor Head said that he went down when he was fightin with you!

Reno, calm yourself down! the Headmaster said, appearing just behind the red-haired teenager he addressed as Reno. Theres no point having a fight in this situation!

Yes there is! If I beat her to pulp, itll give me some satisfaction! Reno said as he reached out for something beneath his suit and took out a baton-like object with a button on it.

The baton extended itself into a long staff. When Reno was about to struck Lilia, Victor, who had extracted himself from the wreckage of the door, and hit the red-haired boy at the back of his head. The result, you ask? He fainted, instantly.

Knock the door, will you? Victor joked after the redhead fainted.


Who says I dont knock the door? Reno asked playfully when he comes around. I knocked, with my foot.

Yeah, as in, knock the door down, you mean, Victor chuckled at Renos and his own joke. They seemed to get along because of their carefree and make-a-joke-even-if-you-dead personality. Seriously, where have you been all my life? You could make my life funnier!

Mind your manner, Reno, Mr. Valiant, the Headmaster warned as he poured a glass of water for Lilia to calm her nerve. Drink this, Miss Ariel; itll calm your nerve.

Thank you professor.

Hey, Professor Head, have you talked to the doctor yet? Reno asked as he typed something on his CP.

Yes I have, Reno. The doctor said that if he didnt wake up, hell pass away.

Renos reaction was unpredictable. He ran toward Richards bed and grabbed him by his shirt. His sly blue eyes didnt seem to be sly anymore, the only thing filled those eyes was anger.


RENO! Get a grip over yourself! the Headmaster tried to separate the enraged teenager from the lifeless one.

Reno let go of his grip, but he also took his leave after that incident. His eyes were still shining with anger and disappointment.

Lilia could understand why Reno was so angry. Richard had made a similar promise to her too when he was six, right after his father told him that he was the heir of the Omnitrix. He promised her that he will not die until he became the world most famous hero, just like his father.

After one hour of stay, the Headmaster and Victor decided to leave. Lilia however, decided to stay overnight because it was Friday. Her reason was just in case Richard wakes up; she would be able to tell the news straight away.

But her real reason was different from what she had said.

Richardson Tennyson

Six month inside the gate was a period of pure pains, but what inside the gate was… indescribable. In the midst of pain, information about just anything, even what the most famous and know-it-all Galvan scientist didnt know was crammed in to his brain all at once, resulting an agonizing headache throughout the last six month.

His body didnt escape the pain either. The single blood red eyes painful gaze never relented, not for a nanosecond. His body was also being stuffed with power from thousands upon thousands of different species, even some species Richard didnt even know to exist or had been extinct, and it caused a whole lot of pain.

Even the phrase agonizing pain was an understatement.

Then after six month of torture, the gate threw him out off the horror that lies behind its doors. The golden-eyed Richard was still there, sitting cross-legged and looked in an amused sort of way toward him. Well, hows that?

Richard shook his head, still not ready for any word. Well, its time for you to get back anyway, the golden eyed Richard said, still unmoving from his sitting position. But it seemed the gate had taken something. Answer this riddle and youll get it back, he added.

More precious than gold, stronger than diamond, cannot be bought and cannot be sold, bring happiness in the grimmest time and bring light to the darkness, it was a source of power that made every species continues to exist. What is it? the golden Richard, winking at his green-eyed counterpart. Now, its time for you to get back.


Richard slowly opened her eyes. He was lying in an unfamiliar white room. He sat up slowly, noticing that his clothes were neatly folded on the end of his bed.

He looked at his left side. What he had found almost made him jump in surprise because of a certain red-haired girl was sleeping with her face right beside where his head was placed before.

Richard donned his clothes as quietly as possible. He instantly knew that his clothes, even the long black trench coat was specially made so it will not tear or burned in any situation. It can also let anything through without tearing it and could even shrink to accommodate size-changing transformation if needed.

He was confused, how did he know so much about a material he never used before? He glanced around the room, even a simple glance gave him the exact detail of everything he saw, from the exact image of the hospital building schematic to every details anyone can possibly get of every objects on the room.

He looked at the sleeping Lilia, even by glancing at the sleeping girl, he was able to locate every fibre of nerve and every blood vessel in her body. Richard shook the image, literally and figuratively before opening the window.

He threw one last sad glance towards her as a pair of semi-transparent fragile insect-like wings grew on his back. He then threw himself out from the window. The fragile-looking wings beat rapidly to take the Omnitrix heirs body airborne before it hit the ground.

He was going to miss earth when he gone but at least the Headmaster would take over his job as Earth representative. He also had a job to do and to accomplish that job, he need to leave earth.

He looked up, towards the full moon. He swore with all his heart, right under the silvery light of the moon that he will not come back to Bellwood again. He swore that he will not lay eyes on his hometown again for the rest of his life. He swore that he will never contact his friends until he finish what he had started.

And he swore that one day, he would come back for Lilia.

There were some memories that had to be forgotten if he wanted to leave. Bellwood and his friend held most of them so he had to forget them, no matter what.

Although it seemed to be impossible for him.


Lilia Ariel

Three month later…

Three months had passed since Richardson Tennyson gone missing from the hospital room where he was treated. He was gone right under the eye of Lilia Ariel, which was watching over him at the night he goes missing.

Lilia received the blame for the lost of Earth representative. Practically, the whole world was blaming her for this matter. Why? Because she was there, she was supposed to be watching the comatose heir of the Omnitrix, but the result was disappointing.

Victor started avoiding her if possible, the Headmaster never talked to her again, and Reno, who occasionally pop up on Bellwood to visit Victor always looked at her with so much hatred Lilia couldnt bring herself to see him for the second time.

One day, she was preparing for dinner when the door on her house was knocked. Her mother, Cecilia Ariel, whom Lilia bore a great resemblance to, told her to open the door.

She opened the door, and for her surprise, it was her father and little sister.

Mother! Its Dad and Lila! Lilia called to her mother while embracing her father and her little sister.

Lila Ariel was Lilia little sister with two years gap between them. Her appearance didnt differ much from her big sister, except for her longer brown hair, which touched the ground if she left it untied, and her amethyst-coloured eyes.

Her father didnt bear any resemblance to his daughters. In reality, he didnt have a solid body. His body was made from bluish energy that made the Anodite, but he can take a human form of a man with yellowish hair with amber-coloured eyes.

What bring you here? Cecilia asked to her ex-husband. They were divorced ten years ago, right after the start of the Ectonurite war. Lilia never knew why, and it never mattered to her.

Lila took her older sister palm and began tracing letter to it. Dad wants me to live here from now on, Lila traced. Lila couldnt speak because she was born without a vocal cord, resulting in her being totally mute. Her only way to communicate was to trace letters to someones hand. Isnt that great?

Of course, Lila, Lilia laughed, although her laugh was forced due to a bad feeling she just receive.

Whats wrong? Lila traced in confusion as Lilia led her to her room.

Nothing, its just…

Because everyone was blaming you, isnt it?

No, because I think dad was here to say… Lilia gulped down her saliva before continuing to her sister. To say goodbye to mother.

Lilia explained that the Ectonurite had made their move again. This time by attacking the base of the Order of Gallirays Eagle Division located at the Lencascar Planet. They already knew that their dad was the Second Lieutenant in the Gallirays Dragon Division, so he would be called for the war.

(Let the Author Explain. In The Order of Galliray army there are seven different special squad and seven divisions. The Division are Dragon, Cheetah, Eagle, Whale, Armadillo, Mantis, and Chameleon. Each division has their own ability and weakness. For example: Dragon Division is the spear tip of the Galliray army, the Cheetah is special strike force, and the Eagle is the Air-force of the army, and so on. Geddit? Oh never mind.)

Why this stupid war started in the first place? Because theres no more heroes like Kyle Tennyson anymore? Lila traced the letters into Lilia hand. She was shaking visibly.

With the last one earth could turn to was missing because of her mistake, the war had started again. The very thought of the war hurt her like the diamond blade that Richard had ran through her.

Lila, if dad has to go, he had to. If not, who else would go for him?

Lila answer was surprising. Lilia knew that Lila was hard headed and strong willed kind of girl. She envied her little sister for having such a strong will and courage that she would never have.

What Lila traced into her older sister hand was I would.


Alia Eldritch (Tennyson)

Alia was in a meeting room with Leonardo and Kuf by her side. All councillors were gathered to discuss the war effort to hold back the Ectonurite invading force.

The leader of the Councillor of Six was an old bearded Galvan named Calrizeus. He was Alias role model due to him being the wisest of all Councillors.

The second youngest member was a young human woman, a nineteen year old young woman to be exact. Her name was Karen Sinceria, often nicknamed as the Voice of Love amongst the Councillors. She looks like a matured version of Alia, except for her hair and eye colour. It was a very rare coincidence, Leonardo said once.

Also in the meeting room was the youngest ever Highest General in recorded history: Ericson Frontiere, a man in his early twenties. His looks resembled her brother so much that if his hair was black instead of gold and his eyes was green instead of blue, everyone would mistaken him as the missing Earth representative. He was standing in his black high-collared army uniform with a cape tied carelessly in front of his neck. He also carried his beam spear on his back, making him look menacing and charismatic at the same time.

Councillors, I had very grim news, Ericson, or Eric as Alia calls him, started the meeting. An army consisted of a Transyl and Thep Khufan was advancing on the Lencascar and its twin planet, the Lancescar.

As you all know, both planet had a massive reserve of Amplifier Crystals. If they get their hand on that reserve, theyll gain a slight edge over us, he fluently explained. I didnt suggest the dispatching of Dragon and Eagle Division for the time being. Our choice lies on the Chameleon, Cheetah, and Mantis Division, we can only send one Division, seeing how concentrated the enemy force are.

Karen and Alia discussed the matter by themself while other councillors were doing the same with others. Because they were the only female members of the Councillors, they felt much more comfortable discussing with one another.

Why cant we just send one of the special squad? The Marksmen Squad and Assassin Squad would be the best, one of the Councillors member said to the young General.

The young General sighed. The Marksmen Squad was attacked by an unidentified gunslinger. He caused a lot of casualties in the Marksmen rank. The Assassins Squad, in the other hand, didnt receive any order, even from the Councillors, beside from their leader, whichs still investigating the city of Bellwood.

The meeting became a serious debate for four of the Councillors members while Alia and Karen were listening to the conversation. Alia tried to make a plan from everything she just heard, but it seemed that her brain came into a dead end.

The meeting was closed after three hours of berating over strategies. Karen, General Eric, Alia, Leonardo, and Kuf walked together. Karen had showed her a silver engagement ring with Eric name carved on it while Ericson also wore the ring with Karens name engraved on it as a necklace.

When you and Eric will get married? Alia asked after Karen gave her lover a quick peck on his cheek before the young General left her to his own office. I hope its soon.

Its soon, Alia, maybe four months from now, Karen said as she gazed lovingly at her lover. Hows Kid going?

Well, each time we had a date, it will end up with both of us shouting at each other… Alia admitted shamefully. But now, Im really worried about him. I mean, hes been shot and his wounds havent heals yet but he still going around catching criminals.

Well, his dream was to be the best Marksman in the universe, Karen laughed gently. I imagine that he wouldnt let a small injures get in his way.

Yeah, I guess so… Alia said, still embarrassed by her confession before. But have you got any tip for me so we wouldnt be fighting each time we met?

People love each other in different way, Alia, Karen said wisely. My way to love Eric is different than your way to love Kid.

By the way, I heard that hot-blooded cat-boy was heading to Lencascar all by himself, Karen said, turning very serious. Edos transmitter showed that he was heading for the concentration of the Ectonurite army.

Maybe his dead by now, Kuf suggested silently to Alia in flat whisper.

Hearing that, Alia didnt do anything but faint.


Reno Levin

Dammit, dammit, dammit….!

Reno, stop, Im getting dizzy from all your dammit, the blond apprentice gunslinger pleaded to the redhead. I also need to made another gun frame, can you give me the Gatling data? While Im at it, why did you say dammit all over?

Dammit because my step-cousin is missing, dammit because the DNA trackin didnt show any luck, dammit because of that wretched lass who let my step-cousin gone missin, dammit….!

Okay, okay! Stop, stop! Aaron covered his ears to escape the excessive amount of dammit. I really need to concentrate now; one wrong move and my frames will go haywire!

Sorry…. Reno said, chewing on a seal carcass and not looking very apologetic at all. Wanna some? I can use a charcoal drill and salt, but its good enough.

No thanks, Aaron replied as he uploaded the Gatling data to the frame he just made. The frame lighted up with yellow lights, he then had to wait until the frames light died down. If not, the whole gun would explode after three shots.

This base is running low food and energy! I cant get boost anymore!

You keep taking energy from the reactor, arent you?! Thats why were running low on them!

Hey, if Rufus didnt tell me to beat some snot out of some whale, I wouldnt take any boost from the reactor! Reno argued. Besides, it keeps me goin without any food for weeks.

Reno stopped his argument when a call request came into one of his monitor. Reno groaned in dismay at the callers name. The very same person he just mentioned like ten seconds ago. No prize for guessing who.

What?! Reno spat to the intercom. He was talking to the leader of the rebellion, practically, his boss, but he showed no manner as usual. Want to tell me to conk some whale again because the food is late?

No, I was about to tell you your latest mission, Rufus, the charismatic blond man in white long suit countered. And I was about to tell you that you didnt need to bring your whale. But it seemed that you enjoyed them more than the cheeseburger I sent you earlier.

Rufus was a typical image of a leader of an company, but he didnt fit the typical image of a rebellion leader. He had short blond hair, which he combed back without any parting line and he always wore a long formal white suit that resembled a trench coat over his black formal shirt. He was a man in his late twenties, but his face already showed many scar from battle, from claw-inflicted cuts on his cheek to the thin line of scar on his left eye.

No, no, NO! Im sorry, Im sorry! Don’t take them, please! Reno moaned pitifully. I swear I will not say that thing again to you! I promise!

Ok, get on with the business. First, I want you to modify Red Strike so it will be able to operate in desert condition

ARE YOU INSANE?! MODIFY RED STRIKE!? Reno interrupted with an utter horror on his face. For him, modifying the pride and beauty of his loyal snow-mobile was not less than a criminal damage. It was the worst vandalism act in the millennia as he called it. I had to completely strip her down to modify her engines and wheels! Do you have any idea how painful that is to Red?!

Then use the Blue Strife, that car had been in the garage for long enough.

Do you know why I call her Blue? Because she was a prototype, shes not perfect yet!

Reno, why you speak about cars and snow-mobile like theyre your wife? Aaron asked suddenly.

Oi, shadup you little amateur, you dont even know how to change a car oil.

I know how to repair a whole Carrier, darn it! And stop calling me amateur!

Reno, let me tell you why I give this mission to you, Rufus said, his tone suddenly took a grim turn.

Why? If its bad, give it to Aaron.

Rufus sighed heavily. We tracked your brother…

Reno sly blue eyes lost its slyness as it widen in disbelief. You mean, you found him? No way! he said fiercely. I thought he was dead!

Sadly, yes way, its him. The very same one that killed Kyle Tennyson.


Nichovilan Stallingard

One thing you all have to know about the certain white-haired teenage Caninoid was this: he didnt take order and anyone who ordered him around usually didnt survive to say sorry. They learned a lesson that they could never forget because they would be too dead to forget it.

He had killed three Lieutenants because they give him orders. He wiped out a whole squadron that was assigned to arrest him in thirty second, so the Gallirays Councillor of Six didnt even dare to give a squeak about how he worked and what should he done.

He also got very thin to none aura of presence. If you think his white hair, red eyes, wolf ears and tail would made him stand out like a white ping-pong ball floating in a barrel of tar, think again. He had the strange ability to disappear, not literally, but it was close enough. You and he might be sitting in the same room right now, but you just didnt notice him until he stab you at the back of your head.

Thats right, stab you. He was a leader of the Galliray Assassins Squad, but unlike any other squads, his squad didnt take order from the Galliray. Nichov was nicknamed as Wolf the Reaper because if he targets you, you better ask a tombstone for your Christmas or birthday present, because they will came in handy, and say every prayer you ever know.

In simple English translation, nothing escapes him.

But why a dangerous assassin was roaming in a high school full of babbling, chattering, silly students? Investigate and spying on Richardson Tennyson and Professor Shard Lance, thats why. Nichov, although he didnt take order, he respect the High General and absolutely detest the Councillor of Six.

Why? They are too cocky and big headed, he said.

Cmon, Nichov! At least try! Matadore cried in exasperation because the Assassins Squad leader was refusing to try the Spanish I-don’t-know-what-kind-of-alien-is-he homemade cooking. Even thought Antonios cooking was excellent, Nichov prefer fresh dead rabbit and the like.

GRAAOO! (For goodness sake, youre the leader of the Galliray Siege Squadron and your hobbies are napping and cooking)?! Nichov snarled angrily as he chomped another piece of raw and bloodied fox carcass. He managed to eat without taking off his scarf, although he knew that he had to change the scarf later. GRRR (Get a tougher hobby or something, instead of pestering me with your cooking everyday)!

Hey, I never wanted to be the leader of a squadron, I want to be…. Antonio took a deep breath before he shout so loud that Nichov curled his ears. THE GREATEST MATADOR AND CHEF IN THE UNIVERSE!

A long pause followed. Nichov was I-don’t-like-to-dream sort of people. He doesnt have a dream because he going to make his dream a reality.

Grrr (Anyway, I tried to hack the Tennysons resident Master Control Unit last night, guess what? I failed, miserably), Nichov growled as he torn the fox tail from its body using his hand.

Well, I suppose the all-brawn-no-brain approach wouldnt really work, right?

Nichov nodded grimly, still chewing at the foxs tail. The Tennyson resident, although it didnt look up to it, hid a very, very tight security. The word tight is an understatement for this one. Imagine, all locks, alarm, camera, and other sensor can only be unlock or disarmed by using a DNA, thumbprint, sound, and retina scanner. Everything was locked with a series of impossible codes; even the sofa will arm itself with Electro Magnet Pulse (EMP) gun if you get the code wrong.

I got the feeling that this Tennyson disappearing has something to do with the strange power he showed us before he passed out, Antonio said, eating his own cooking. Hmm, need more spice. Anyway, Nichov, did you have anything to say about Richardson strange power?

Nichov shook his head. He always admitted his defeat because a defeat is only minor setback from which we could learn to achieve victory. Because for an assassin, learning from mistakes and fault was as important as drinking and eating.

NichovI get news from Won-Lee yesterday, Antonio continued in grim tone. We tracked one of the two missing Levin, so he need you to help them.

Graaoo (which one? The annoying jerk or the sadistic killer)? The Caninoid asked his partner.

Well, the sadistic killer, is that good enough for you?

The real Nichov never felt happy, or any kind of emotion besides angry and disappointed, but his wolf side was roaring in delight upon hearing a stronger opponent was waiting for him. Grrr (thats good enough for me. He will give me some sport before he died).


The next update might take long because theres an exam comin my way, not a big one, but enough to keep me from the computer for two to three weeks.

I would like to thank Cross the Dammed Soul for being constructive and supportive to my fic. Like before, I receive any constructive criticism, even the most heart breaking ones, okay?.

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