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Ben 10 Porn Story: For a Voice Like Thunder Chapter 1

Ben 10 Porn Story: For a Voice Like Thunder Chapter 1

I own nothing. Warning! Femme!Slash! Alien trafficking! Watch The Galactic Enforcers first, please.

Also, I’d like to thank my muse, Myaxx, for this (hopefully) awesome first idea.

Myaxx: …

Myaxx, c’mon, you can’t hate me forever!

Myaxx: Wanna bet?

The silence of the blessedly cool night was lost on no one, swirls of desert sand dancing to the frozen music in the air. The entire planet breathed one, collective sigh as two figures stood, gazing at the last glimmers of sunset. Where one seemed to almost tower over the other, both clearly feminine, the looks exchanged left no room for questionable intentions.

Bending close to the smaller female, the tall woman tipped the youngers head upward to meet her own lips, memories passing between mingled mouths and gasps for breath.

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Ben 10 Porn Story: fair trade chocolate Ch 2

Ben 10 Porn Story: fair trade chocolate Ch 2

Satisfied with the trade, Gwen unwrapped more of the chocolate bar and brought it to her lips. With undisguised hunger, Ben watched as she daintily nibbled at it. The taste of chocolate lingered in his mouth, tantalizing him.

It wasn’t enough.

She caught him staring at her and raised an eyebrow.



He drew her into his arms. She looped one arm around his shoulders but didn’t let go of the chocolate.

He stroked his fingers along her cheek. Instinctively, she closed her eyes and leaned in, expecting him to kiss her.

Instead, he angled his head slightly and licked away the bit of chocolate at the corner of her mouth.

She gave him a disgruntled look. “You just want the chocolate, don’t you? You want to have your chocolate and eat it too.”

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Ben 10 Porn Story: ben’s revenge

Ben 10 Porn Story: ben’s revenge

This story takes place shortly after the episode “Midnight Madness”, where gwen gets a video of ben hypotized, in the Rust Bucket which is parked at a campsite in the forest. The sun is justs coming up

max: I’m going to head to the store. They have some fresh eels and there is a recipe I have been dying to try. Do your chores while I’m gone.
gwen and ben: We will
max: And don’t kill each other
gwen and ben: we won’t
max: I should be back at the end of the day
(max leaves)
gwen: Ok ben, you heard him, do my chores.
ben: what, no way! they’re your chores.
gwen: Maybe, but I have a video of you that says you’ll do them.
(ben groans and starts to walk away)
gwen: wait, ben, I want you to wear these while you do them
(holds up a pink bra, a panty with ponies on it, and a white dress)
ben: there is no way i’m wearing those!
gwen: you will unless you want everyone back home to get this video.
(ben grabs the bra, panty, and dress, goes into the bathroom, strips down, puts them on, and walks out to gwen)
gwen: show me your wearing the bra and panties.
(ben pulls up the bottom of the dress, showing the panties, and pulls down the neck of the dress, showing the bra. gwen takes a picture)
gwen: thanks ben, now i have even more blackmail. i’m going to take a shower, when i’m done, i expect all my chores done.
(gwen walks into her room to grab a towel and a new change of clothes)
ben: i’m going to get her for this. i wish i knew how though. hmm, maybe gray matter can figure something out.
(transforms into gray matter)
gm: i’ve got it. i’ll tape her in the shower. that should be plenty.
(sets up a few cameras in the bathroom and wires them to each tv in the rust bucket. starts recording each tv. transforms back into ben and changes into his normal clothes. gwen walks into the bathroom)
ben: this will be awesome
(ben sits down at one of the tvs. gwen walks into the bathroom and locks the door. she starts the water to get it warm. she takes off her shirt and pants, revealing a pink bra and a g string. ben feels his dick start to get hard. gwen removes her bra revealing b cup cups)
ben: nice tits cousin
(gwen starts massaging her boobs and removes her g string showing her little pussy. she steps in the shower, lies down, and starts by massaging her boobs)
gwen: oh yah ben, play with my little boobs
(gwen squeezes her boobs and rubs them)
ben: wow this hot
(gwen starts fingering her pussy)
gwen: oh yah ben!
(she starts out slowly, with one finger, and gradually gets faster and adds more fingers until she is pumping her entire fist into her pussy)
gwen: faster ben!
(after about a minute, she removes a tile from the shower, and pulls out a dildo from a secret compartment. she sucks on the dildo for awhile. once the dildo is soaking with siliva, she puts it in her vagina)
gwen: harder ben!
(she starts pushing the didlo in and out even faster)
gwen: ben, i’m cumming!
(juices flow out of her vagina, and are washed away by the shower. Gwen turns over and puts the didlo on her ass. she sticks it in and starts pushing it in and out. the water runs out)
gwen: come on ben, you didn’t refill the water. grr, guess my private time is done.
(puts the dildo back in the secret compartment. ben stops the recordings and takes out the tapes from all but one tv and hides them. gwen gets dressed and walks out and sees ben sitting on the couch with his arms crossed.)
ben: have a nice “hot” shower, gwen?
gwen: uh, yes… you finish my chores?
ben: uh, no.
gwen: your going to do them unless you want everyone to see you hypotized.
ben: you show everyone that tape, i’ll show everyone this tape.
(turns on the tv, shows gwen masturbating)
gwen: you were spying on me?!?
ben: yes, and if you don’t, i’ll upload this tape to a porn site and give Cash and JT back home a copy. they’ll make sure everyone sees it.
gwen: you wouldn’t dare!
ben: try me!
gwen: fine, what do you want?
ben: first, you’ll give me both the video you have of me and that picture you took of me.
(gwen gets them, and gives them to ben. he destroys them)
ben: next, lets go outside
(they go outside)
ben: how bout you repeat how you started in the shower?
gwen: what, no way!
ben: fine, i guess i’ll send Cash and JT that tape now.
gwen: wait, you win.
(puts her fingers down her g string and starts fingering her pussy)
ben: thats not how you did it in the shower. you weren’t wearing any clothes.
(gwen takes off her clothes and starts fingering her pussy. by the time she gets to her whole fist, both she and ben are really horny)
ben: its kind of hot out here. why don’t your my clothes for me?
(gwen takes off ben’s shoes and socks)
gwen: oh gross! your feet stink!
ben: just keep taking off my clothes.
(gwen removes bens shirt, then his pants and underwear. her head is right in front of bens 5 inch fully erect dick. ben grabs her head and pushes it towards his dick. she opens her mouth in surprise and bens dick enters her mouth)
ben: start sucking cousin!
(gwen licks the tip of ben’s dick and starts licking all around. she grabs his balls and plays with them. ben grabs gwen’s boobs and squeezes them hard as he feels the pleasure of his first blow job. less than a minute passes)
ben: I’m cumming!
(a shot of cum gets released right in gwen’s mouth. she pulls her head back and lets ben’s dick slide out of her mouth. she gets a faceful of cum)
gwen: there, i gave you a blowjob. is that enough for you?
(she secretly wished it wasn’t, but knew she had to get those tapes)
ben: not yet cousin.
(ben pushes gwen on the ground, and jumps on gwen. he sticks his dick right in her pussy)
gwen: ben, no! I’m still a virgin!
ben: not for long
(ben plays with gwen’s boobs again as he sticks his dick in and out of gwen’s pussy. juices start to flow out of gwens pussy)
ben: looks like your pussy loves my dick
(the juices act as a magnet and cause ben to pump his dick in and out even faster. after what feels like an etirnity but really lasted less than a minute)
ben: prepare for a shot of cum cousin!
(cum pours into gwen’s womb, and even pours out around ben’s dick)
gwen: you’ve had your fun, now give me those tapes!
ben: we’re not done yet. and don’t even try to act sad. you want this so badly
(gwen knew ben was right)
ben: now turn over
(gwen turns over showing her ass to ben. ben spanks it a few times)
ben: you’ve got a fine ass here
(spanks it a few more times, then puts his dick in)
ben: your really tight, maybe this will losten you up
(spanks her ass hard)
gwen: not so hard!
(gwen knew she wanted it harder, but she couldn’t tell ben that. ben keeps slamming his fist on her ass cheeks and pumping his dick in her ass)
ben: Here it comes!
(Cum shoots into gwens ass.)
gwen: now will you give me those tapes?
(The omnitrix starts beeping. ben smiles)
ben: we’re not done by a long shot!
(ben presses a few buttons and turns into four arms. gwens sees four arms massive 8 inch dick)
fa: or should i say, by a long dick!
gwen: ben, thats too big!
fa: yah right
(four arms grabs gwen and brings the tip of her vagina over his dick. he shoves her down on it. gwen screams in pain and pleasure. four arms starts shoving her up and down at crazy speeds)
gwen: ben, slow down!
(she was praying he didn’t. this felt way too good. she felt like his dick was ripping he pussy in half. it felt like hours to her but was really only about 10 minutes)
fa: get ready gwen!
(cum pours into her and fills every inch of her pussy. four arms pulls his dick out and drenches gwen in cum. he then transforms back into ben.)
ben: get yourself cleaned up, then do my chores, and get ready for another round the next time grandpa is away.

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Ben 10 Porn Story: family sex

Ben 10 Porn Story: family sex

in one night ben & gwen are talking to each other

ben:im bored

gwen: m2.but where’s grandpa?

ben:he’s buying some food

gwen:ow ok

ben:do ,do you wanna ffuck?

gwen:what.what did you say?

ben: me?,nothing

gwen: nvm, hey do you know what 2 kids can do when they are bored?

ben: yeah fuck fuck fuck

gwen: no no

ben:ow sorry just please dont tell grandpa

gwen:you know what, thats a great idea


gwen starts sucking his dick and ben is licking her pussy

gwen:that feels very good


gwen asks: please ben please fuck me

ben:please?, you dont have to please me

and ben fucks her pussy

gwen screams loudly:uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, harder faster ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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Ben 10 Porn Story: Embracing you CH.5

Ben 10 Porn Story: Embracing you CH.5

Ben sat on the edge of the lagoon. He was back in the desert and he was back in the lagoon with the angel. She was letting the small waterfall run down her bare body. Ben noticed a white, silk sheet… dress thing sitting on a rock and was obviously what the girl had been wearing.

A hand touched the button and zipper on Ben’s pants, causing him to jump. The angel was smiling at him, her peach lips glistening with diamonds, or so it seemed. She was tempting. He leaned forward, but she vanished. The spring, trees, and everything else faded. A voice met his ears, “Beautiful, isn’t she? Your chosen mate.” Ben turned to see the aliens in his watch looking at him.

“My what?” Fourarms smiled.

“Your chosen mate. Gwen, the girl you want to bare your-”

“At least say it so he doesn’t freak out!” Ben looked at this new alien, one he’d never seen before. It was cat like, a long black tail swished back and forth while the ears on the side of her head were flattened. It was obvious she was not happy. Ben was shocked by her outfit. It was tight fitting and looked more like what a figure skater would wear, minus the thigh high boots and sharp claws that were natural on her. Her long black hair was free and fell to the back of her knees.

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Ben 10 Porn Story: Loving ben 10

Ben 10 Porn Story: Loving ben 10

Ben Tennyson awoke with a jolt, as though a surge of electricity,
emotion and shock shot through him like a transformer that had been hit by
lightening. As he sat up, his heart pounded, beating harder than ever
before. The room was dark and cold, and he was covered in icy
perspiration. A sudden shiver went down his spine – half from his low core
temperature, and half from his own impending sense of doom. He was
oblivious to his location, the time of day, and whether he was safe from
the enemy that had almost taken his life.

Ben looked around, his heart anxiously pumping, the adrenaline
surging through his body, as it was at what seemed to be less than a split
second ago, before he lost consciousness. He felt a warm hand touch his
upper arm, the contact immediately sending yet another jolt through his
body. He let out a terrified scream.

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